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Cumming, GA Karate Classes at Vickery Village

Vickery Village Dojo

Vickery Village in Cumming, GA, is one of the most peaceful communities in the city. It is kid-friendly and offers a bunch of activities for children including family parks and incredible eateries.

One of the most exciting things about the community is The Dojo. We’re the go to place for people who look for karate near me.

Karate in Vickery Village is a much-loved sport and is practiced by children as young as three years old.

Lots of Cumming parents are well aware of the pros of learning karate in Vickery Village. Here are some of the benefits of looking for karate near me and getting your child enrolled in a course:

  • Makes children physically and mentally stronger so they can face the challenges in life without any problem
  • Teaches children to be respectful towards others including their peers and trainers
  • Teaches children the importance of learning and never giving up
  • Can be a good way to socialize and make friends as it gives students an opportunity to find like-minded individuals

Our classes are conducted in a friendly environment and our trainers are very well experienced and skilled in handling children. Call 678.947.4076 today to book a free trial and know more about the benefits of karate in Vickery Village.

5814 S Vickery St
Cumming, GA 30040