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Karate Classes in Milton, GA

Milton Dojo

If you’re looking for something healthy and fun for your child then consider karate in Milton.

We offer karate classes for children of all ages and provide training under the expert supervision of our skilled staff members who have years of experience learning and teaching karate to children and adults.

Martial arts offers many of the benefits of other sports programs, but also can have additional benefits such as:

  • Karate teaches children to respect others
  • Martial arts makes people more confident
  • Repetition and structure helps instill a sense of discipline
  • The focus taught in martial arts has proven to help children academically
  • Martial arts training improves social skills and helps children make friends.

Classes at the Milton Dojo begin for children as young as 3 1/2 years old. 

We offer free introductory classes. Schedule your free trial class today, call us at 678-858-8744.

980 Birmingham Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30004