Karate Classes at North Forsyth-Dawson Dojo

Dojo 400

If you search the web for karate near me, you will most probably end on our page as we’re considered a pioneer of karate in North Forsyth.

We take karate as seriously as you take your job and family. We treat all our students as family members and make sure they learn and grow under the guidance of our experienced trainers who are skilled in handling children of all ages.

We’re confident about what we offer and invite you to come and get your child enrolled in a free trial for karate in North Forsyth.

Martial arts can be great for children as they prepare young kids for the future. Science shows that martial arts makes people physically and mentally stronger and gives them the confidence they need to face the world.

Martial arts isn’t about fighting or breaking bones, it’s about learning to be disciplined, patient, respectful, and in control of your emotions.

We don’t teach people to be aggressive or to fight, we teach them to handle situations without resorting to violence. They’re taught the importance of peace while learning the art to defend themselves if the need arises.

To schedule your free trial class, call us at 770.722.6829 today!

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Dojo 400