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  • What are Camp Dojo hours?
    Camp hours are from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily. We offer free extended care from 7:30 – 9:00 AM and 3:00 – 5:45 PM daily.
  • Do the kids do karate all day?
    Now that could get boring couldn’t it?! Each day we offer several camp themed activities and a karate class. These classes are for beginner to advanced students, and no prior experience is necessary. *Please note that these classes do not count toward regular karate curriculum or belt advancement.
  • Do you provide food?
    Parents must provide lunch and snack(s) for their camper each day. We will have a snack each morning and lunch around noon each day. Campers that stay for afternoon extended care may have an additional snack. Some locations have an option to order lunch in on certain days from a local restaurant for an additional fee. Those details will be available after registration.
  • What else does my child need to bring? Do you allow electronics?
    Campers should bring a lunch, water bottle, and 1-2 healthy snacks every day. He/she may bring an electronic device from home if you permit it. Devices are allowed to be used before and after camp hours only, and we recommend that you label it with your child’s name. We do not provide Wifi, so campers should be prepared to use their device only for games that do not require online access.
  • What if my child leaves something at the Dojo?
    It is the camper’s responsibility to keep track of his/her belongings. We will have a designated Lost & Found area and make special effort to return lost items to their owner. If your camp week is over and you realize you’ve lost something, please contact the Dojo immediately. We keep lost items approximately 2 weeks and then donate them to a local charity.

Summer Camp FAQs

  • Do you go on field trips?
    Because we realize that kids LOVE field trips, we take at least 2 per week, and more on some weeks. Field trips for each week of camp are listed on the individual registration page (we go to the Cumming Aquatic Center and at least one other field trip every week). All details will be communicated about each field trip by your camp after registration. If a waiver is required, that will be sent for completion ahead of time. Campers MUST wear their Camp Dojo t-shirt for every field trip.
  • What is the camp t-shirt and why am I required to buy it?
    Each year, Camp Dojo designs a new camp shirt for campers to wear on field trip days so that they are easily identifiable when we are out in public. Campers will receive their camp t-shirt on the first day of camp and it MUST be worn on all field trip days. If a camper arrives without his/her camp t-shirt on a field trip day, another shirt will be provided, and the account on file will be charged.
  • My child isn’t a great swimmer. Should I keep him home on the Aquatic Center day?
    That is obviously a decision for you to make, but please know that the deepest water at the aquatic center is 3 1/2 feet, and that is in the lazy river. There is a toddler play area that many younger kids enjoy. Kids who are 5 years old will be required to wear a life jacket in the lazy river.
  • What else should I know about the Aquatic Center field trips?
    Campers should arrive at camp wearing his/her swimsuit, Camp Dojo t-shirt and sunscreen. You should pack a towel, lunch and a change of clothes. Campers will swim in their Camp Dojo shirt, so be sure to pack extra clothes! We will eat a picnic lunch at the aquatic center.
  • Should I send extra money with my child on field trip days?
    Please do not send extra money. All field trip expenses have been covered by your camp tuition and it only causes problems when some kids have extra spending money and others don’t.

Camp Registration

  • Do you charge a deposit for camps?
    We charge a non-refundable $50 deposit for all summer camps. For our day camps during the school year, we do not charge a deposit.
  • I didn’t pay a credit card fee last year. Why is there a fee this year?
    The Dojo is committed to offering you the quality summer camp experience you expect and deserve. We have found a way not to increase our base summer camp prices by switching payment processing companies. This switch does require us to charge administrative fees on credit card payments, but their fees are lower than our previous processor.
  • How do I use the new camp registration system?
    We’re glad you asked! We created a walk through video tutorial to show you exactly what to expect.  Just click the button below to watch our short video tutorial.

Questions About Camp

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