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What we’re doing

Summer 2023

We’ve been spending the entire fall and winter thinking about Summer 2023. It’s finally almost here! Registration doesn’t open until February 1st, but here’s a preview of all the things we’ll be doing once summer arrives.

Please note: some field trips are subject to change based on camp size and availability.


Jump Into Summer

May 30-June 2*

We’ll jump around all over town at Launch, Xtreme Hopp, Sky Zone, and Get Air

*This is a four day camp.

Field trips: $70

NERF Ninja

June 5-9

Combining two of our most popular weeks into one. Obstacle courses, target practice, and an epic NERF battle at SS Airsoft make this an epic can’t miss week.

Field trips: $25

EA Sports

June 12-16

All your favorite video games In Real Life. We’ll run, jump, shoot, and play – no cheat codes needed! And we’ll get to play all the sports in one day at The Complex.

Field trips: $40


June 19-23

We’re loading up the Dojo buses and hitting the road for five fun-filled field trips! We’ll hit all the places kids love to go, including our weekly Aquatic Center trip.

Field trips: $63

Fort Dojo

June 26-30

Who doesn’t like building forts??? Capture the flag, the floor *might* be lava, who knows where our imagination will take us as our teams work together to build forts & compete against each other in a variety of contests.

Field trips: $35

Ninja Warrior

July 5-7*

Campers wait all year for this moment. During Ninja Warrior week, we’ll push through (not quite so) impossible obstacles of strength and endurance. They’ll compete against each other and themselves to see if they have what it takes to reach the summit of Mt. Dojo.

Field trips: $25

Ballin’ Out

July 10-14

Just like the theme says – we’re playing with balls! Dodgeball is a staple of Dojo camps, but we’re spicing it up with all sorts of other games and activities that have one thing in common. You guessed it – our games will be played with all kinds of balls.

Field trips: $30

Fieldtrippalooza 2

July 17-21

So much fun the first time that we’re hitting the road again for more! This time we’ll visit all the places we couldn’t quite get to the first time.

Field trips: $76

LEGO Master

July 24-28

Everything is awesome at LEGO Master week. We’ll build and play, tear it all down, and do it all again. All sorts of fun activities based around the world of LEGO.

Field trips: $30

Back to School Bash

July 31-August 2 or August 4*

Party time all week! Ending the summer on a high note.

*Forsyth & Dawson Counties have camp through 8/2; Milton Dojo has camp through 8/4.

Field trip: $15