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Karate Classes to Build Strong Kids



We know that kids can accomplish amazing things. We help them channel their energy in productive ways and teach them that with focus, their goals are within their reach. Whether it’s in school, tasks at home, their Dojo training, or any other sports, laser focus on their goals will set them on the path to success.



Our training gives kids the tools they need to protect themselves, stand up to bullies, and that leads to a calm confidence that they’re equipped to handle any situation that life throws their way. Kids who are more confident and sure of themselves stand a little taller, set better examples for others, and become leaders.



When kids believe in themselves and have a community of people around them who support and encourage them, they shine. We put kids in environments where they’re challenged to be their best and where their inherent worth is confirmed every single day, and that shows up in how they treat other people too.

Black Belt Action Plan

Simple Steps to a Stronger Future

Your kid is the hero of this story.

Parents don’t have many options for programs that truly invest in building kids’ character – that’s why we partner with parents to create environments that kids love and parents trust. The Dojo is trusted by hundreds of families to provide an atmosphere of structure, fun, and support for both kids and parents. And getting started with us is simple – you’re just 3 quick steps away from helping your child build the strong future they deserve.

Schedule a Trial Class

Schedule a Trial Class

The best way to see what The Dojo is all about is to check out a karate class for yourself. Come see our state-of-the-art facility, meet your child’s Dojo Coaches, and tell us about your family. There’s no one-size fits all path, but once we know a little more about your family’s needs, we’ll create a plan that allows your child to build the strong future they deserve.

Try us out, risk-free

Try us out, risk-free

We want to make sure our program is the perfect fit for your family – that’s why we offer each new student a totally risk-free first month. Give us a shot and if you decide for any reason that we aren’t a great match, we’ll refund your first month’s payment. We understand that families are pulled in more directions than ever before, and we want to add to the quality of your family’s life, not the stress of it.

Watch your child thrive

Watch your child thrive

Our martial arts program has been refined over decades of work with kids and families to give kids short-term, medium, and long-term goals that keep them excited and motivated to continue training and keep their training fun. We start by building a foundation of discipline and respect with our Zero Rule and One Rule projects, then we get kids thinking, acting, and ultimately leading like Black Belts.

What People are Saying

About the Dojo

This is why we do what we do.

The Dojo is so much more than kicks and punches. Whether families walk through our doors to help their children develop focus, confidence, improve performance in other sports, or just to give their kids an amazing environment where they can have a lot of fun, nothing means more to us than hearing that we’ve made a positive impact on a family’s life.

“Owen has worked so hard the last 2 years in physical and occupational therapy and, especially, this past year at the Dojo. He has really struggled to catch up or just even keep up with other kids his age but earning stripes at the Dojo has been his clearest, and often his only, reward. All the trying and failing and trying again but finally succeeding has taught him to believe in himself and has really changed the way he sees himself.

“The Dojo has been the biggest part of that. You guys are amazing with the kids and it’s clear that you work hard to set doable goals which also challenge the kids to live up to their full potential. It is character building. In Owen’s case, it has really challenged him to write a different story in his mind of how he wants his life to be, of how it can be, of what he is capable of doing. “
— Amanda J.

“No better environment for children than at Dojo. The kids here learn confidence and self control, under the guidance of a loving dedicated staff, like they had been sprinkled with Miracle Grow! Much more than simply “karate” learned here.”
— Sheila D.
“We absolutely adore the Dojo! It has been such a great experience for my 2 boys. The instructors take their time to get to know the students and develop relationships with them. My boys have learned self discipline, respect, self defense and always get a great physical workout during class. They do a wonderful job and I highly recommend them!”
— Meredith S.

Partners in Education

The Dojo is proud to partner with Forsyth County Schools in our mission to build stronger futures for kids. We are actively involved in school events across the county and work closely with administrators, teachers, and students both at The Dojo as well as in the schools themselves.

7 Mindsets

The Dojo is a certified partner with 7 Mindsets, a social/emotional learning program utilized in many Forsyth County Schools. It’s important to us that the messaging your child hears from school and from their coaches at The Dojo is in alignment, and in alignment with the values you instill as a parent.

Our Mission

Building Stronger Futures

The way we see it, it’s pretty simple. Being a parent is tough – kids in today’s culture face a lack of discipline, a lack of positive environments, and it’s hard for parents to find the support they need to raise kids into successful adults.

That’s why we break our message down into 3 parts – why, how, and what we do:

Our Why…

The Dojo exists to do one thing – build stronger futures for kids in our communities through the discipline of martial arts training. That’s our purpose behind everything we do, and every environment we create for your family is built with that mission in mind.

How We Do It…

We believe in “hard fun.” We challenge kids and push them to be their best. There are no participation trophies or handouts. But we keep kids engaged, enthralled, and entertained.

They’re having a blast while they’re learning to be focused, respectful, and disciplined. Kind of like when you sneak the veggies into their smoothies – we give them what they need and all they know is that they’re having the time of their lives!

What We Offer…

The Dojo provides a ton of awesome environments for your child to thrive in – evening karate classes, transported after school karate that’s the perfect alternative to traditional daycare, and themed camps every day Forsyth County is out of school – including all summer long!

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