Kathleen Ruby

Dojo Dragons: Ages 6-12

Learning To Think Like a Black Belt

When they think about “karate” most children immediately think “black belt”. Earning a black belt is a long-term goal for many of our students.

With our Dojo Dragons we emphasize that before you can become a “black belt” you must first “Learn to THINK like a Black Belt”. By using the positive example of our black belt instructors, students learn that thinking and then behaving like a “black belt” are the first steps.

The journey to becoming a “black belt” actually begins with the very first day of training for our students.

Getting started– Dragons

Prior to the official start of training, we schedule a FREE TRIAL CLASS. This will give you and your child; a chance to meet the instructors, see the facility, ask questions, talk with the other parents, and see if the program offers the benefits in which you are interested.

Trial Course — Dragons

The key to being successful is to have solid fundamentals and for the true beginner that’s all we teach. In this course your child will learn the basic punches, kicks and techniques. These classes are designed to accommodate every level of fitness and is the perfect opportunity to see if karate at. The Trial Course is where we all make sure that karate is a good fit in the lives of your child.

Regular Classes

It’s here that we begin to teach and encourage our Dojo Dragons to “think like a black belt”. In the Trial Course our students learn the life skills of discipline, respect and focus and to apply them in every area of their lives… just like a black belt.

We strive to make our students feel that the time they spend with us at The Dojo is the best and most exciting part of their day. Classes are upbeat, exciting and taught in an atmosphere of respect and sincere dedication to teaching the student. When class is over we want our students to feel they have worked hard and accomplished something.

Our classes teach discipline and respect but we also understand that not all children are alike. Children have different levels of fitness, focus and self-control. We recognize that teaching some children will require “kids gloves”. While we do our best to understand each child is unique and will progress at their own pace, we require all students to meet our standards for classroom behavior.

Motivating with Positive Reinforcement

We use our time-tested personal discipline system to recognize and motivate our students. Each new student receives a uniform at sign up but the child must earn their white belt by behaving well at home and doing parent appointed chores. Accomplishing these tasks is celebrated in class with the instructor and other class members.

Throughout our training we use a motivating patch and belt stripe system that rewards improved self-discipline, academic achievement, class attendance and excellence in technique.

Advanced Training Courses

As students progress in their training some will earn the opportunity to move from “thinking like a black belt” to actually training to earn a black belt. The following advanced courses are by invitation only:

Black Belt Course

Our Black Belt Course takes our students on a remarkable, personal journey to one of the greatest accomplishments they will make in their lives – earning a Black Belt! This course is designed to take our students to their first degree Black Belt.

Membership in the course is offered to students who have learned the basics in the Basic Course and have increased their focus and discipline to train in a more demanding higher level class. At this level we introduce one-on-one sparring, board breaking and more complex techniques and drills.

Masters Course

The best of the best! Our star students move to the Masters Course which, again, is by invitation only. Through hard work and dedication, these students have demonstrated the desire to continue with even more advanced training. Grappling and weapons training such as the nunchuku, the bo and the kama are taught at this level.