Dojo Dinos: Ages 3.5-6

Dojo Dinos: Ages 3.5-6

Teaching and Reaching Young Children

We understand that your child is still developing so we only teach exercises and techniques that are age specific with proper consideration taken for a 3.5 – 6 year old’s physical abilities and limits.

  • We teach fun classes that engage and educate at the same time
  • Lessons are formatted for how young children learn
    • Our instructors are excellent at connecting and communicating with each child individually
    • We know how to maintain the proper balance of correction and feedback in a way that is positive and well received
    • The Dojo maintains a safe environment and family oriented atmosphere

Benefits for Parents and Children

Karate training goes beyond simply teaching kicking and punching.

  • Our young ones learn to listen better and follow directions
  • Concentration, memory and focus improve
  • Motor skills improve with better balance and overall coordination

Parents of our students frequently report their children have

  • Better behavior with more respect
  • Improved school performance
  • Higher self confidence and self esteem
  • More discipline and make better decisions

Getting started– Dinos

Prior to the official start of training, we schedule a FREE TRIAL CLASS. This allows us to teach your child some basic karate and it provides an opportunity for us to evaluate your child. This orientation has many other benefits.

  • Allows you to evaluate our studio and ask all of your questions
  • You can see our instructors in action — working with our students
  • While in the studio, we encourage parents to speak to other parents who are there watching their children

Trial Course — Dinos

The Trial course is designed for the true beginner and we teach only the fundamentals. Your child will learn the basic punches, kicks and techniques. There is no sparring or fighting. These classes are designed to accommodate every level of fitness. The Trial Course is where we all make sure that karate is a good fit in the life of your child.

Regular Classes

Our classes teach discipline and respect but we also understand that not all children are alike. Children have different levels of fitness, focus and self-control. We recognize that teaching some children will require “kids gloves”. While we do our best to understand each child is unique and will progress at their own pace, we require all students to meet our standards for classroom behavior.

Motivating with Positive Reinforcement

We use our time-tested personal discipline system to recognize and motivate our students. Each new student receives a uniform at sign up but the child must earn their white belt by behaving well at home and doing parent appointed chores. Accomplishing these tasks is celebrated in class with the instructor and other class members.

Throughout our training we use a motivating patch and belt stripe system that rewards improved self-discipline, academic achievement, class attendance and excellence in technique

Black Belt Course

Our Black Belt Course is designed to take our students to first degree

Black Belt level. Black Belt Course membership is offered by invitation only to students having a sincere commitment to advance, demonstrated excellent progress in class and who have the full support of their parents. This is where we introduce one-on-one sparring, re-breakable boards and work with pads. This course takes our students on a remarkable, personal journey to one of the greatest accomplishments they will make in their lives – earning a Black Belt!